Tuesday, 27 October 2015

10 Facts you didn't know about me :)

So I thought I'd write some facts about myself that not many people know.

1.I can be clumsy.
When doing casual daily tasks I always machismo kind of fail. Whether it's tripping on my own feet or dropping water on myself while drinking.It always happens.Always.

2.I love all type of music.
Whether it's classical or rock or pop,I like it.My style ranges from Miley Cyrus to Adele to Marilyn Manson,Muse and My Chemical Romance.So yeah there's a vast range.

3.I love movies.
Since I was little,I've always been attracted to cinema.I wanted to be an actress or a director...I still kinda do.I feel that overtime I watch a good movie,my character changes because I believe that movies are great influences on people.They can help to shed light on a subject.

4.I love fall/winter
I love the fact that I can just be cosy in my bed and drink some hot coco with marshmallows while I watch Doctor Who.Also Christmas!!!

5.I'm a tech kinda person.
I love everything that comes from technology and always want the next best thing.

6.I am secretly shy and socially awkward.
I do get anxious in social situations but I try to play it off as if I'm confident.It works.People thing I'm actually confident.

7.Sometimes I'm too hard on myself.
I judge my appearance too often.I'm always complaining about my weight,face,grades etc.I know that
I just need to chill and be proud of who I am.

8.I love writing.
From the age of 3 I started writing in journals and still do to this day but I've never shown them to other people.

9.I hate close-minded people.
Unfortunately my family from my mum'side is quite close-minded.So it is hard for me to get along with them without me or them getting angry.

10.I love love.
I love it when people are generous,it really does warm my heart.Whether I see an old lady giving food to the abandoned cats around the streets or whether it's a mother kissing her children,it is quite a great scenario to see.

Hope you enjoyed learning a bit about me.I hope I can learn some things about you guys.
Thanks for reading :)

Monday, 26 October 2015

Reasons to be happy

Hi! So normally when you read one of these blog posts they`re about the positive side of life but I`m gonna try something new.What if we were to focus on the negative for a change.We focus on the negative so that we can feel better about our lives over the fact that there are other people which are living a life far worse then us.

A lot of years have passed yet there are still people fighting for their lives while they see their houses being destroyed and their families killed.

Illnesses can be mild, but unfortunately illnesses can kill you.When a person is terminally ill, he is not the only one that is leading a difficult life but also his loved ones who have to take care of him/her.  Ilnesses can also be mental illnesses.It is not a pretty sight to see someone you love deteriorating.

A lot of people have addictions.Drug addiction,alcohol,gambling,sex addiction etc.When you are addicted to something your mind does not work,you're constantly agitated and always want more.It is not an easy life to live.

Stress can come from a lot of places.School,work,family,friends.Stress and anxiety can make you feel like you're not good enough.

Your heart will get broken at a certain point in your life.By relatives,boyfriend/girlfriend,friends etc.It can be hard to let go of someone you love because they've stopped loving you.

By all of this I wanted to prove that you're not alone in this world.That's why you should be happy.These are only 5 events that break your heart,there are much more.You should never feel alone.There are people all over the world that are feeling the same way as you are.Don't be afraid,don't give up.Be happy and enjoy today.Just remember that whatever hardships you're going through,you will get out of it.

I promise you.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Movies to watch

Hey guys! So I sometimes have this problem on not knowing what movies to watch.That's why I decided to make a list of movies that I think are really great.Most of them are indie films.


2.Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World
It was a really awesome movie.(it gave me the idea to change the name of my blog :p).

3.Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

4.Mean Girls

5.Edward Scissorhands



8.Dark Shadows

9.Fight Club


11.Whip it

I really enjoyed watching this movies and I watched some of them more than once.If you would like some info about the plots of the movies comment down below.Also comment if you would like me to blog about other movies which I enjoyed watching.

Thanks for reading !

Sunday, 21 June 2015


How? How do we express ourselves? By actions? By body language? By art? But how much of what we are expressing is true?

If I laugh does that mean that I found that joke to be funny or did I laugh because I thought it was appropriate for the time being? If I paint something does that mean that it means something to me, that it makes me think of something or that I started to splatter some paint and it turned out into something? If I write a story does that mean that ,that story makes me feel something? Anything: happiness,sadness,anger,love,jealousy? Or did I just write that story because it just came up in my mind?

Some of our creations may not matter much to ourselves but it may matter something to others. How do we know if Leonardo Da Vinci was drunk and just decided to splatter some paint when he painted the Mona Lisa? How do we know if Shakespeare didn't just start writing an introduction to one of his plays and then continued to write without acknowledging what he was writing? How do we know if Noel Gallagher from Oasis was bored and just started to write Wonderwall as a means of actually doing something?

What I'm trying to say is that sometimes we create things to express ourselves. Sometimes we hurt ourselves to express ourselves.Sometimes we cry,sometimes we laugh,sometimes we scream and break something and sometimes we just get bored.Bored of life.We become oblivious to the things that we could do,the things that can be done so we create something.And these little accidents can turn into amazing masterpieces.Whether it be a story,a poem,a song,a painting even how our faces change. These are all means of expression.We should all appreciate the times when we are bored because this may lead to something that may not matter much to you but a lot to others.Our thoughts may be weird but when expressed they create magic.

To be honest I was bored today. That's why I decided to write this post. And I know I'm not John Green but it may help to inspire you guys to create beautiful things.

Thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

My Body Shop Collection

Hi! So I decided to write a post about seven products that I bought from "The Body Shop" that I really love.

From left to right: Watermelon Pasteque Body Lotion, Dewberry Mure Sauvage Body Lotion, Pink Grapefruit Body Butter, Tea Tree Oil.

I really love the smell of the Watermelon Pasteque Body Lotion and I love its texture and it really does soften the skin.

I also love the smell  Dewberry Mure Sauvage Body Lotion and like the other lotion it does soften and hydrates your skin.

The Pink Grapefruit Body Butter is really moisturizing and has an amazing smell too!

The Tea Tree Oil is incredible! I use it as spot-treatment to remove my pimples and it really works. It has helped me a lot to keep my face free of pimples.

From left to right: Love etc. Body Butter, Blue Hair Chalk , Strawberry Puree Body Lotion.

The Love etc. Body Butter is really great for moisturizing but it doesn't have a very pleasant smell.

I used the Blue Hair Chalk three times and I really love how it looks on my hair. When I want it to last longer I just use some hairspray so that the chalk won't get removed easily.

Last but not least is the Strawberry Puree Body Lotion. The smell is amazing, it makes me want to eat it and it also moisturizes my skin.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post :) Maybe you would like to try out some of these products.
Thanks for reading :).

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

What is normal?

Am I weird?

Lately I've been thinking if there is such a thing as being normal or as being weird.I have always thought that I am weird because I do and think about stuff that I just categorize as being weird.But who am I to think that, that thought or action was weird.

I've talked to some people about this and they all think about the things that I think about and have everyday fails like I do. So either I'm not weird or me and my friends are weird.But what if my thoughts are categorized as normal? What is normal? What are normal thoughts? What are normal actions?

I have always questioned weirdness and asked people " Was that weird ? ". I have now come to realize that we're all a little bit weird. We do and say quirky things which can be seen as weird by others but that don't necessarily seem weird to us. So back to the main question "What is normal ? ". 

Normal is whatever you want it to be. Weirdness is the same thing. So basically just be yourself (I know you've all heard it before.).But seriously embrace yourself with all your normalness and weirdness :).My friend was actually inspire my this post and decided to write a poem about it.He is very talented.
                                                                                          Am I weird?

I think of the unpredictable. I perceive things my own way. I see the world not only in one colour. But I see a lot of colours, Hopping coming back and running away.

I count the stars at night.
I count the sand granules by day.
I try to reach and touch the clouds. And don’t you tell me, “That stuff never bothered me anyway.”

I see fairies in the sky. I ride unicorns. I swim with mermaids.

I see fairies in the sky.
I swim with mermaids.
I am unique, A limited edition.

-Nevyle(Neville Sultana)

Have a good day/night ! 

Thanks for reading ! 

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Things to do this summer :)

                    Summer Activities!!! 

To start this blog, I decided to make a list of activities to do this summer. Hope you enjoy :)

1.Go hiking 
It's always good to get some fresh air and stay fit at the same time.You can hike in nearby fields or maybe up a hill, it depends on your location.You can go alone,with family or with friends.

2.Read books!
I know that reading books is not something that's seen as being fun but in my opinion it's better than movies since you can envisage the characters and story yourself.It's also great to expand your vocabulary.My favourites are : the Harry Potter series,the Hunger Games trilogy,anything Danielle Steel writes,anything John Green writes,the Vampire Diaries series,the Divergent series and I also love psychological and serial killer books.I know it's weird but I do.

3.Learn how to play or play an instrument.
I personally love music.Music is everything.It makes me laugh,cry,scream,everything.So why not create music yourself? You can play the piano,guitar,drums,sing (vocal chords are an instrument too) etc.
4.Go to the beach!
Kind of obvious but yeah.The beach is great for tanning,exercising,having a laugh or eating an ice-cream.

5.Reinvent your wardrobe.
Try new things.Change up your style.Wear more colours.Wear different styles.I love watching hauls and lookbooks on Youtube.It gives me ideas on what clothes to buy and how to pair them with other clothes.
6.Volunteer work
Nowadays you can find a lot of organizations which work towards helping other people.Since usually we have a lot of free time in summer we can dedicate some of our energy towards helping other people who are less fortunate than us.

I hope this small list helps in some ways.So you don't get bored this summer.Thanks for readings and enjoy your summer :)