Sunday, 21 June 2015


How? How do we express ourselves? By actions? By body language? By art? But how much of what we are expressing is true?

If I laugh does that mean that I found that joke to be funny or did I laugh because I thought it was appropriate for the time being? If I paint something does that mean that it means something to me, that it makes me think of something or that I started to splatter some paint and it turned out into something? If I write a story does that mean that ,that story makes me feel something? Anything: happiness,sadness,anger,love,jealousy? Or did I just write that story because it just came up in my mind?

Some of our creations may not matter much to ourselves but it may matter something to others. How do we know if Leonardo Da Vinci was drunk and just decided to splatter some paint when he painted the Mona Lisa? How do we know if Shakespeare didn't just start writing an introduction to one of his plays and then continued to write without acknowledging what he was writing? How do we know if Noel Gallagher from Oasis was bored and just started to write Wonderwall as a means of actually doing something?

What I'm trying to say is that sometimes we create things to express ourselves. Sometimes we hurt ourselves to express ourselves.Sometimes we cry,sometimes we laugh,sometimes we scream and break something and sometimes we just get bored.Bored of life.We become oblivious to the things that we could do,the things that can be done so we create something.And these little accidents can turn into amazing masterpieces.Whether it be a story,a poem,a song,a painting even how our faces change. These are all means of expression.We should all appreciate the times when we are bored because this may lead to something that may not matter much to you but a lot to others.Our thoughts may be weird but when expressed they create magic.

To be honest I was bored today. That's why I decided to write this post. And I know I'm not John Green but it may help to inspire you guys to create beautiful things.

Thanks for reading :)

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