Wednesday, 10 June 2015

What is normal?

Am I weird?

Lately I've been thinking if there is such a thing as being normal or as being weird.I have always thought that I am weird because I do and think about stuff that I just categorize as being weird.But who am I to think that, that thought or action was weird.

I've talked to some people about this and they all think about the things that I think about and have everyday fails like I do. So either I'm not weird or me and my friends are weird.But what if my thoughts are categorized as normal? What is normal? What are normal thoughts? What are normal actions?

I have always questioned weirdness and asked people " Was that weird ? ". I have now come to realize that we're all a little bit weird. We do and say quirky things which can be seen as weird by others but that don't necessarily seem weird to us. So back to the main question "What is normal ? ". 

Normal is whatever you want it to be. Weirdness is the same thing. So basically just be yourself (I know you've all heard it before.).But seriously embrace yourself with all your normalness and weirdness :).My friend was actually inspire my this post and decided to write a poem about it.He is very talented.
                                                                                          Am I weird?

I think of the unpredictable. I perceive things my own way. I see the world not only in one colour. But I see a lot of colours, Hopping coming back and running away.

I count the stars at night.
I count the sand granules by day.
I try to reach and touch the clouds. And don’t you tell me, “That stuff never bothered me anyway.”

I see fairies in the sky. I ride unicorns. I swim with mermaids.

I see fairies in the sky.
I swim with mermaids.
I am unique, A limited edition.

-Nevyle(Neville Sultana)

Have a good day/night ! 

Thanks for reading ! 

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